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Patchwork: Comforters, Throws & Quilts Edited by Jeanne Stauffer & Sandra L Hatch Description: color, softcover ISBN: 978-1-59217-260-3 Quilters who love to piece quilts will be delighted with the variety of projects in this new book from House of White Birches. Included are several foot warmers: quilts that are long and narrow. They're just the right size to fit across the end of the bed or to wrap around the shoulders of someone in need of comfort. There are traditional designs with an added twist for quilters who love the classics, but also enjoy trying something new. Quilters who want more of the look of today will discover quilt designs that have an "arty" look, but they don't require the talent of a professional artist to create these unique quilts. Fun quilts that feature kites or Jacks or hearts will satisfy the quilters who are looking for a new quilt design to make for the younger set.

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